Do you Think You Have What it Takes to be a great Hip-Hop Producer?

Hip-hop music producers had started becoming famous a while ago when their music became independent from that of rappers and R&B singers. Everyone who has access to production tools would love to be like Timbaland or Mike WILL Made It, not only laying beats for big stars but also making big money and a name for themselves with their tracks. In reality, you don’t know what it takes to be a hip hop producer until you try to make it and fail.

There are two sides to being a hip hop producer: one is being able to make good beats/instrumentals, and the other is bringing your work into the light of day, getting recognition and payment for your product. While both are part of what it takes to be a hip hop producer, one will require more effort on your part than the other.

Making Good Beats

Being able to provide good beats isn’t difficult these days – there is an endless number of software and hardware options out there which allow aspiring producers to come up with beats and ideas at home and even on the go, which makes it a lot easier for those who are just starting out.

Of course having the tools is, however, just part of what allows a hip hop producer to make his or her beats. Hip hop music relies a lot on big sounding drums, rhythm, groove and timing – those are usually things you either have naturally or don’t. If you don’t have a feeling for the music, then you simply don’t have what it takes to be a hip hop producer.

However, even if you do, that isn’t all you will need. You need to be aware of the world around you and the trends in the hip hop community, to come up with hit songs. Now, that doesn’t mean copying someone else’s sound – you need to have a somewhat unique and recognizable sound to make it – but it does mean that you should pay attention to what others are doing and the direction the scene is taking.

Figuring Out How to Get Paid for Your Beats

As for the other side of things – getting heard and paid – this is where you’ll prove you have what it takes to be a hip hop producer. You will need patience and persistence, as well as thick skin and a degree of street smarts. You’ll need to be prepared to have your beats used freely or for credits/exposure alone at first – you have to start somewhere to be heard.

You should also be aware of the rules of this business and be prepared to fight – not – for credits and payment, especially as beats are now increasingly easier to copy and steal. One really good tip is to make sure you’ll get paid if you are making your beats available publicly, or else you’ll find that your beats will be used without your knowledge, permission or even acknowledgment.

Finally, you should be prepared for having to persevere even in times of uncertainty. Patience is a great quality for a music producer, even a famous one, seeing as labels and artists are prone to only giving the green light to projects at the last minute. You should always have material you’ve sent to be used ready, in case it ends up on someone’s record, but also be prepared never to hear anything about it again. That’s just the way it is.